Flax News and Events

Harvest has been complete. Here Ken and Mackenzie use a small plot combine to harvest some of the nursery plots

Seeding at Kernen Crops Research Farm has been completed! The video below show the field crew using a hill seeder to plant an early flowering test on a windy day!

New personnel in the lab

Dr Raja Ragupathy (Professional Research Associate) Dr Megan House (Post Doctoral Fellow) and Ms Akshaya Vasudevan (MSc candidate) have joined the Flax Breeding Program to work on a project to determine the physiological, genetic and epigenetic causes of early flowering in some mutated flax lines. We are collaborating with Dr Steve Robinson (AAFC-SRC) and Andy Sharp (NRC-Saskatoon) on this SeCan and NSERC funded project.

Dr Gaofeng Jia is working on the Flax Breeding Database project. This is a collaborative project with Dr Frank You (AAFC-Morden) funded by ADF and SaskFlax

MSc students graduated from the CDC Flax Program

Jia's thesis, entitled "Flowering Time Studies in Canadian Cultivars and 5-Azacytidine Mutants of Oilseed Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)", examined some interesting early flowering flax mutants and studied the role of daylength on flowering time. Jia is pursuing her PhD in canola breeding at the University of Manitoba.

Kayla's thesis was entitled "Seed Coat Color in Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) Conditioned by the b1 Locus, its Linkage with Simple Sequence Repeat Markers (SSRs) and its Association with Flower Shape, Flower Color, Fatty Acid Profile and Grain Yield". She screened a population of plants to identify genetic markers associated with a gene responsible for yellow seed coats, as well as looked for associations between and different agronomic traits. Kayla is currently working for Bayer Crop Science.

Tao Zhang developed Structural Equation Models relating crop growth, environment and genotype to yields. His thesis was entitled "Characterizing the Flax Core Collection for Earliness and Canopy Traits". Tao graduated in 2013

Japanese students visit on an exchange programe with Iwate University 

Teruki filling seed trays

Seven students from Iwate University, Japan, visited the University of Saskatchewan for three weeks in September 2014. One of the students, Teruki Sugiyama, spent the afternoons working on various projects in the Flax Lab. He tried his hand at PCR, qPCR and digital droplet PCR. He also hot a lot of hands-on experience with flax seed!